Romance movie “Hollywood Dirt” filming in Augusta

AUGUSTA (WJBF) — A romance movie is being shot in Augusta over the next few weeks.

“Hollywood Dirt” is based on the New York Times bestselling book of the same name.

You wouldn’t even know driving past it, but inside the old Krispy Kreme on Gordon Highway, the Hollywood production is being shot.

“I was here day 1, when this building opened up and there was still the freshness of the donut shop,” Key Grip Terrence Williams said.

It’s the Augusta Film Office’s 3rd Hollywood film since the nonprofit was created.

Dozens of people from all over the world are working on the movie, including about 30 locals.

“Getting to be a Key Grip in a local area or on any film for that matter, is a big deal because a lot of times it takes somebody between 5 and 10 years just to get to that point,” Williams said.

“Hollywood Dirt” is a novel written by Statesboro native, Alessandra Torre.

The 31-year-old started writing 4 years ago and has already written 14 books.

“I’m from Georgia, so I wanted a southern romance and I got the idea to have Hollywood’s star fall in love with a local girl,” Torre said.

And what’s not to love about Augusta?

“Originally they talked about filming in Mississippi and I’m glad that they switched to Augusta. I really wanted it to be filmed in Georgia. I think Augusta has much of the small town feel of Statesboro. That was the inspiration. That’s where I grew up,” she said.

Torre says the experience has been surreal, but she’s looking forward to seeing the final product, which will be exclusive to a new streaming service.

“‘Hollywood Dirt’ is the first movie for it. Passion Flicks is going to be like Netflix. It’s a streaming channel you can subscribe to. Their focus is going to be turning romance novels into movies and staying as close to the book as possible,” Torre said.

“Hollywood Dirt” and Passion Flicks are planning to launch in September.

The Augusta Film Office says a 4th Hollywood production has agreed to shoot a film in Augusta.

The nonprofit is also working with a few other production companies to get more movies shot in the Garden City.

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