Work to begin on long awaited traffic roundabout

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) It could have drivers going in circles at Wheeler Road and Aumond Road so are they ready for a roundabout.

“I just think it needs a light, said a driver turning from Aumond Road to Wheeler Road.

“You don’t want the traffic circle/”

“I don’t know”, she said.

But many drivers believe the intersection of is dangerous as a four way stop.

“I’ve seen people blow through this intersection and never even think about hitting the breaks and I’ve seen wrecks here that you wouldn’t think would happen at an intersection like this cars flipped over and all kinds of stuff,” said Charlie Baldwin who lives nearby.

So to stop that kind of stuff the proposal is to do away with the four way stop and put in a roundabout.

This intersection sees a lot of traffic Masters Week, but it will be after the tournament that it will finally see the city getting around to the roundabout.

“We’re going to start the construction right after Masters it was in SPLOST 6 it seems like it’s needed based on what I’m hearing from the constituents that live around that area there’s a lot of screeching tires and wrecks that happen,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“Traffic Engineers like the traffic circles because it reduces the chance of the T-Bone accident they say they’re safer but for Augusta motorists this is very unfamiliar territory.

“There’s definitely going to be a learning curve for people who are not use to them I think we have a few in the community not many so I definitely think it’s going to be a learning curve,” says Frantom.

“There’s one over there by Gander Mountain that seems to be fairly effective not a lot of traffic over there   they seem to work in cities I’ve seen them at,” says Baldwin.

This roundabout has been a long time coming the million dollars to pay for it comes is from SPLOST 6, which was approved in 2009.

Once Construction gets underway the work will take about 8 months.

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