No cost cleanup plan approved

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) You don’t have to look far to see the problem a problem city leaders say needs to be   addressed.

“We need a clean city we need to do something we can live with 12 months out of the year we don’t want a temporary fix we want to have continuous clean streets clean right of ways and clean thoroughfares,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

“Cleaning is a necessity and we need to have a clean city and it won’t get cleaned without paying for it,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioners approving a new comprehensive clean plan calling for new ordinances to increase fines for illegal signs, stepped up education campaigns, but city leaders did not approve requests from for new code officers and deputy Marshals office to step up enforcement of violations.

‘The good thing is were making it a priority and so it’s on the forefront of each the commissioners mind and the departments as well so we are getting more aggressive we don’t have the total resources that are necessary for these new positions,”  says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

But city leaders say because the commission didn’t approve funding new people and programs now doesn’t mean they’re not supportive of cleaning up.

We’re definitely committed to cleaning up Augusta that’s what they call us we’re supposed to be the garden city we have to keep it beautiful we got to vet the process to we really need to contract all these services out.

“We know what resources are necessary to have stricter and more aggressive departments right now when we start looking budgets for next year maybe we can start addressing some of those needs,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Davis.

“In preparing for that particular action and also being aware of the need there will be some dollars showing up sooner or later I’m sure,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But city leaders are not done looking at all cleanup proposal  in April or May they’ll hear  recommendations from the Environmental Services  Department for funding for a scrap tire program, a clean and beautiful chapter and whether to borrow up to five million dollars for  tearing down abandoned buildings.

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