Golden Apple: Srinivasan Thiyagarajan

Dr. T is our Golden Apple Award winner.

This is Srinivasan Thiyagarajan.  He is kind enough to let his students, and to let us call him Dr. T.  He teaches Math at Glenn Hills High School.  And when he was a child, he couldn’t stand this subject.

“In fact, up to 8th grade I used to hate math. And in 9th grade I had a teacher who taught me how to enjoy math. Then I started to get that of joy of math.”

Now he shares that joy with his students, making Spartan nation fall in love with math. He says the key is to focus on the fun, not the grade.

“When you enjoy it, the grades come in automatically.  If they start working for the grade, it’s not going to happen. It’s fun. It’s an art. If you start liking the beauty of mathematics, you cannot hate it.”

These are skills that will stay with these students for a lifetime even when they don’t know they’re using them.

“You cannot convert x plus life into your life.  But it is going to indirectly, logically, make you think better than a normal person.”

And no matter how long Dr. T. teaches, it never gets old. He’s having a ball in here, sharing his love of his favorite subject, with everybody who comes into his classroom.

“I can see that faith and belief in a child’s eyes.  It gives me a lot. It gives me a lot. It is not going to happen today or tomorrow.   It is a matter of life. They are going to remember these things all of their lives. It brings job satisfaction and it makes a big difference.”

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