Beech Island homeowners pick up trash due to little response from government officials

BEECH ISLAND, S.C. (WJBF)– A local community came together Saturday morning to pick up trash.

Beech Island citizens are making their home town cleaner… One orange trash bag at a time.

“We have been trying to get a hold of Governor McMaster’s office since the end of January to no avail, and I’ve made several phone calls, emailed numerous times and nobody has contacted me back,” Beech Island businessman, Joe Seamon, said.

Seamon joined the Garden Club to execute the 4th annual community clean-up. Although Seamon never heard back from Governor McMaster, an Aiken councilmen joined the movement and got his hands dirty today.

“Well, I feel obligated. This is my district, and I want to do my part. I’m a strong believer in keeping our area clean. That was part of our family values, I guess you could say. My father instilled that in me,” Aiken district 3 Councilman, Danny Feagin, said.

Feagin said there’s currently no programs or groups cleaning up litter.

“They want to try to get a program together with the Magistrate to see if they can’t start using some of the violators for community service,” Feagin explained.

Forty hands made a difference in Saturday’s clean-up, but Seamon said it’s still not enough.

“I came out around 7:30 this morning, and it’s around 11:30 now, and I’ve gotten about 12 bags of trash, but it hasn’t covered a whole lot of area– a few hundred feet. We have about ten churches in the area, and if just ten people from each church would come out and help, we’d have over one hundred people cleaning up the area in one single day,” Seamon explained.

“Taking pride in your community is like your house or anything else you own. The better you keep it, the more impressive it looks and all. The better quality of people you’ll have and the more pride others will want to take in the area as well,” Barry Jones, a Beech Island homeowner, said.

If you didn’t get to help clean-up today, you can stop by the Handy Hardware store in Beech Island to pick up trash bags and safety vests. Also, visit the Beech Island, South Carolina Facebook page for future events.

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