Richmond Co. deputies to be re-sworn in due to paperwork error

AUGUSTA (WJBF) – The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release Thursday night stating that an error in paperwork means that Richmond County deputies will have to retake the oath of office, but the Sheriff says the error will have no effect on the ability of deputies to do their jobs.

Here is the complete statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office:

“During a review, the certification team from G.P.A.C. (Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition) found a typographical error in the oath of office paperwork for our deputies.

Judge James administered the oath of office and our deputies are sworn law enforcement officers.  To satisfy the letter of the law and meet the certification standard, Sheriff Roundtree has opted to ask Judge James to conduct new oath of office ceremonies starting on April 10th.

In the interim, Sheriff Roundtree is meeting with the sworn deputies of this agency and conducting an affirmation of oath with each of them. We are continuing to serve the public and enforce the law.”

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