Aiken community comes together to clean roads

AIKEN, SC (WJBF)–  Another county in the CSRA is making roads cleaner. Aiken church members spent Saturday morning picking up highway litter to better their community.

“I’ve done this before, actually. I went with my grandpa and we decided since there’s so much litter around these roads that we could just pick up some trash and help the community,” James Lukas, a volunteer, said.

Ten year old Lukas Willis said Saturday wasn’t his first time waking up before 8 a.m. to pick up trash.

James Cosnahan heads up the task. He said his team of 25-30 people can clean three miles of road in just two hours.

“Well, I don’t like garbage. I don’t like trashy roads. How many people will you find that will wake up and spend their Saturday on the highway that somebody else littered and pick their trash up,” Cosnahan said.

He is a member of the litter task force in Aiken County. Cosnahan said people should be more aware of what they throw out of their cars– two volunteers found documents with personal information attached.

“We found full glass beer bottles, and full coke cans and license plates,” Willard said.

Cosnahan plans to meet with a city official in the next two weeks to talk about the trash problem and how to end it.

“Even though we do it every three months, it looks like it hasn’t been done when we go back after three months,” Brummer said.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s any help out there for them or not. I hope there is, especially if they’ve got small kids. It’s a shame they’re going to trash their highways up for the future,” Cosnahan said.

“There’s a lot of litter on the road, and I wouldn’t mind if you’d help me pick up some trash so that we could make the roads cleaner,” Willard told NewsChannel 6.

To “Adopt-a-Highway” of you own, visit

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