Kicking off Masters Week: The Drive, Chip and Putt Championship

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– The Drive, Chip and Putt Championship brings the younger generation to Augusta National to compete on the legendary course.

A memory from their youth that won’t easily be forgotten, the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship is for boys and girls aged 7 to 15. Youth compete in four categories with scoring centered around golf’s three fundamental skills–driving, chipping and putting.

Ten year old Anna Kaye Brucker shared her favorite part of today’s event: “Um, probably when they made the holes and we got to watch them do that.”

Brucker and other patrons agreed Sunday’s Drive, Chip and Putt Championship is a new, but important asset to the Masters tradition.

“It creates a competitive spirit in a young generation that is kind of lacking sometimes. It’s actually a really good idea. I guess it’s symbolic to the punt, pass, kick in football,” Tim Jaskiewicz, a patron, said.

“I think it just brings accessibility to people who wouldn’t come out here, and it makes it more approachable and attainable for kids to know that they can have a future in golf,” Whitney Huffman, patron, told NewsChannel 6.

“Kids can grow up and be like the older adults who play, and they get the experience,” Brucker said.

Jaskiewicz said youth involved in Sunday’s event learn much more than the game of golf.

“That’s a great experience to be able to be part of, something that’s competitive. You also learn the PGA rules and they teach you about etiquette, appearance and how you should conduct yourself. It’s really almost a finishing school for men, I guess so to speak,” Jaskiewicz said.

“They’re such professionals at this young age. It’s pretty impressive to see 8 or 10-year-olds that are at the level of some adults we know,” Huffman said.

It’s year four of the championship, and the event keeps growing.

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