Past Masters Champions remember The King

The Masters is a celebration of sport as well as the season spring but this year a little sadness at the Masters for the first time in more than 60 years someone is missing Arnold Palmer.

“This week is a celebration of Mister Palmer it’s nothing short of that again we’re going to miss him dearly,” said Zack Johnson, the 2007 Masters Champion.

“This is what my thoughts are that’s my thoughts I’m wearing Arnold Palmer shirts this week,” said three time Masters Champion Nike Faldo showing the Palmer logo on his shirt.

“It’s going to be very sad but everything shall pass and Arnold has a wonderful life and we had a great friendship almost 60 years traveling around the world together all over the world,” said three time Masters Champion Gary Player.

And for Arnold Palmer the Masters was a huge part of his world, and Arnold Palmer meant the world to his fellow champions

“Would we be where we are today if it were for Arnold Palmer absolutely not we have a lot to owe him and be thankful for,” said Trevor Immelman, the 2008 Masters Champion.

“I loved Arnold Palmer he meant everything to me he made all of this possible if it wasn’t for Arnold Palmer bringing the masses to the game of golf a young player like Tiger Woods may never have come along,” said 1998 Masters Champion Mark O’Meara.

“We champions got to play with him got to listen to him we got fatherly advice all sorts of things he was such an authority there will never be any one like him,” said two time Masters Champion Ben Crenshaw.


“He was one of the sweetest guys because every time you met him he gets a hold of me he’s squeeze you hard and he’s say okay young man,” said Faldo.


Danny Willett will be hosting this year’s Champions Dinner; he would have loved to have one more guest.


That would have been really special if Mister Palmer had still be here to help host “Mister Palmer at the Champions Dinner would have been amazing,” said the 2016 Masters Champion. .


“ We’ll miss him but I sent him a message last week I said make sure you got a good course up there make sure it’s in good shape I’m not ready to tee off but make sure it’s ready for us,” said Gary Player with a bit of a smile.

Arnold Palmer was such a cultural icon that his name gets mentioned in the golf scene of the James Bond classic Goldfinger Arnold Palmer license to thrill.

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