A Johnston homeowner says his prayers for no storm-related injuries were heard

JOHNSTON, S.C. (WJBF) – Dozens of Edgefield County homeowners started clearing out down trees to begin assessing the damage from Wednesday’s severe thunderstorms.

“We heard the freight train, but it was the freight train. Not the storm,” said Johnston homeowner Marion Austin. “It was the train coming down the tracks a block away.”

Neighbors, friends and just strangers offering a helping hand spent the day clearing out 5 uprooted trees at Austin’s house on Jackson St.

“The young lady over there drove by and stopped in the street and said y’all need some help?” Austin told WJBF NewsChannel 6. “Well I’m not one to turn down help. So she parked the car and started moving limbs off the street.”

Austin and his wife were outside when the storm was yards away from their home and they barely made it back inside.

“When this thing started coming I made two requests. I said God please don’t let anybody get hurt in the thing and don’t let any of my trees fall over and hit the Baptist church next door.” Austin said.

Austin says his prayers were answered, because when he walked outside the tree that fell towards the church had only brushed the side of it.

Later that day he found out no one was injured in the storm.

While it may take some time to clean up the yard and replace the porch Austin says there’s still a silver lining.

“As far as actual damage goes, all it did was mess up the roof of the porch and that’s it,” the homeowner said. “So I’m thankful for that. I can move trees that ain’t no big deal. There’s azalea on that whole corner so my wife will have fun replacing those.”

The Mayor of Johnston does want to warn people of possible scammers, trying to make money by giving people outrageous quotes to remove trees from their homes or yards.

The town of Johnston is offering those services for free just call 803-275-2488 for more information.

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