Grovetown family prepares to rebuild after storm damages home

Family looking at process to rebuild following storm.

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – New construction was the target of Mother Nature’s fury in Grovetown, Georgia.  Loose boards and roofing material turned into flying debris in the neighborhood of Hidden Creek, off Baker Place Road.

Just driving into the subdivision, it appears as if all of the homes are normal. But in the back, homes that were just built or are still under construction were damaged during the storm. Now it’s time to rebuild.

Saquawia Pennington’s home is one of those newly constructed homes in the back.  Like many in the two state, her family is faced with obvious post-storm woes; rebuilding.

“First you take a deep breath and you go around and you take an inventory of the things that you have, the things they are damaged,” she told NewsChannel 6.

Outside Saquawia and her husband are looking at roof damage and window repairs. Inside, glass and insulation is everywhere, including all over their baby’s room.  The 6 month old luckily was not home at the time of the storm. As they reflect on that blessing, they are crafting a plan to put back together the home they just closed on two weeks ago.

Joshua Pennington told us, “Since we were still in the beginning phase, it’s not as hard to take because we’re on pause for a minute.”

That pause is the waiting game the family must play with the insurance company.

“They need to see all of the damage and if you start touching things then they may or may not cover that,” his wife added.

Tarp covers several windows in the upstairs portion of their home and shatter glass is lodged in the wall of the baby’s room.  This is all part of what the family is hoping gets covered and fast because the baby’s room is first.

“There are supplies in here they we need. Just for her to sleep. Everything she likes to sleep in is in here,” Saquawia said.

“The roof is definitely the main thing. We had some holes in the roof. Some 2x4s that were sent into the roof and we had a lot of leaks,” added Joshua.

And for this optimistic family facing a temporary hard time, they found a few moments to bond over pizza.

“You want pepperoni on this?” Joshua asked his daughter.

He emphasized that insurance companies had a job to do and he understood that it just takes time.

“Just keeping our heads up and staying focused and staying positive.”

The Pennington family expects that it will take at least a month to get things back to normal. Their car was also damaged along with the interior and exterior of their home.

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