Masters patrons speak out about new gate-entry limit

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– This year, there are noticeable changes at Augusta National Golf Club, including the new entrance way and the new press building.

But some changes aren’t visible, and one is affecting patrons more than others.

“You can only come in and out three times a day, which don’t get me wrong is OK, but I really don’t care for it because if I have to leave for whatever reason, I would like to be able to leave and come back without having to keep up with numbers,” Patron and long-time badge holder, Al Hadden, said.

Hadden shares his tournament badges with his entire family. He said this new entry policy changes his usual plans.

Noel Simmons thinks differently, though.

“Well you have to limit the friends you want to have it. I think some people probably use it for business, clients. Some people use it for family members, but you just have to limit that,” Simmons told NewsChannel 6.

A Masters parking attendant said the entry limit seems to be helping with traffic.

“Well honestly, it takes a lot of work off of the parking lot. It would make things flow a lot easier– people being able to come in and out. The only time we have to worry about traffic is when they’re coming in and when they’re coming out,” Zachary Crose, a Masters parking attendant, said.

Despite the new policy, patrons said Augusta wouldn’t be the same without the Masters in the heart of the Garden City.

“This is Augusta. This is what it’s all about. We want that here,” Simmons said.

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