Golden Apple: D.L. Barksdale

Golden Apple Winner D.L. Barksdale

(Hephzibah, GA)

D.L. Barksdale came to Cross Creek by way of New York City. He grew up there and always knew he wanted to be on stage.

“Even being one block away from the performing arts high school, no one saw my talent to say, this is where you should go,” Barksdale says. “Because of that I wanted to make sure that I could guide young artists to a career in the arts as opposed to just going to school because it’s the thing to do.”

His Cross Creek Theatre Arts students get to come out of their shell in here.

“It prepares them for public speaking.”

Today’s improv exercise goes a long way in giving these youngsters the confidence they need in life.

“I have students here who wouldn’t dare get on stage at the beginning of the year, and just finished doing a recital of poetry here during our Black History celebration.”

What a reward–getting to witness your hard work pay off every time the spotlight shines on your students. It’s what makes D.L. Barksdale love his job.

“It’s great to see that something that I might instill in them inspires them to move forward and pursue their dreams and their professional goals,” he says.

“I’ll never forget them.”

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