New completion date set on River Watch Parkway Expansion Project

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Construction barrels are still out along what used to be Old Petersburg Road but the view has changed quite a bit over the past several months.

With every move construction workers make, the River Watch Parkway expansion is taking shape.

“You can kind of see what the future finished product is going to look like. The contractor still has a ways to go. We have some work going on, putting up some retaining walls, some drainage for some future turn lanes and sidewalks here on Washington Road,” said Georgia Department of Transportation’s Kyle Collins.

Collins says they were forced to push back the original completion date.

“Initially, contract completion was the end of this month. We had a few delays, utilities and weather to start,” said Collins.

With construction always comes a bit of a headache for some…one of those being the owner of Brown Feed and Seed and his new back entrance. .

“It looks like a ski slope. You really have to be careful that nobody else is coming the other way but that’s all we could get from G-DOT,” said Brown Feed and Seed Owner Donnie Brown.

Some residents didn’t want to go on camera but they say they aren’t too happy about losing half of their front lawns and many driveways have been moved to their back yards.

For other homes, construction equipment has become yard decorations.

Collins says that’s temporary and a new completion date has been set for the end of this year.

Once the River Watch Parkway expansion is complete, Collins tells me that Columbia County Traffic Engineering will then take over the day to day operations.

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