Saggy pants debate spawns city dress code proposal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta will look to see how other places in Georgia are dealing  with pants on the ground.

Albany, Georgia is one of a handful of local governments in the state that have outlawed the practice.

The Albany law says pants can’t be three inches below the hips exposing skin or under garments.

Some commissioners worry about an across the board ban saying the city might be on safer ground  enforcing any saggy pants rules only in  city buildings.

“do you think it would be more prudent and I think we would be on very good legal grounds if we have at least for our government facilities the things that are under control by this government is that we have a dress code and a dress code says you can’t come in dress like this,” says Commissioner Sammie Sias

A commission committee directed the city clerk and law office to research saggy pants rules in places like  Albany, Dublin and Henry County. Georgia to see if those regulations cold be applied in Augusta.

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