Commissioner airs concerns about saggy pants proposal

AUGUSTA.Ga (WJBF) Augusta leaders are carefully considering the ramifications of going on the saggy pants patrol.

Commissioners are considering the merits of new  regulations against  the practice of wearing  pants so low it shows bare skin or undergarment

Other local governments  in Georgia have  similar rules, however some commissioners say they would not want to make some people targets because of  how they wear their clothes.

“We also have to be careful that could give a green light to some law enforcement officials who may not be on the even plane to bother people and it depends on how it’s approached because people do have the right to dress how they want to dress but they can’t be distasteful to the over all public,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

In Albany Georgia wearing pants three inches below the hips is defined as indecent exposure, and sets the fine for a first offense at 25 dollars.

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