South Carolina Governor’s Office surprised to learn Palmetto State dirtiest in country

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – The Aiken County Litter Task Force is calling on state leaders to be more aggressive about cleaning up the Palmetto State.

The Litter Task Force has already started looking at successful anti-litter programs in other counties that can be used right here.

“One program I mentioned Greenville they have an app program,” said Aiken County Task Force member Darlene Rittel. “So we want to look at implementing that, because it gives somebody a real quick idea of where to report litter. Sometimes you’re out driving around and you’ll see something, but you might not have a number. So this can be an app that you can put on your phone.”

Aiken, like many cities, is catching and fining litter bugs.

While those efforts don’t go unnoticed it still hasn’t been enough.

“There are a lot of efforts being done, but there are all individual scattered efforts.” Louis Corbo said. “We need someone like the Governor and the power of his office to coordinate all these efforts.”

Being a trash free county is going to take some work.

That’s why the Litter Task Force split up to tackle the issues from all angles.

Rittel says she is tasked with developing media partners, while others are meeting with school leaders about anti-litter education.

“To talk about maybe increasing or maybe continuing programs in educating in the schools, Rittel told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Corbo was assigned to met with South Carolina legislators.

Corbo says a state-wide trash force is long overdue.

He believes South Carolina could lose the title of dirtiest state in the country, by combining the anti-litter strategies that are already in place.

Still, when Corbo met with state leaders her was surprised to learn they didn’t know about the unacceptable name.

“When I asked him if the Governor knew he said he didn’t think so,” said Corbo.

Members of the Aiken County Litter Task Force are going to be meeting with state leaders again on Friday.

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