Law Enforcement working to identify victim found on Holden Drive

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– It’s been two weeks since the busiest week of the year in Augusta, the Masters tournament.

But, during that week, a dead body with a gunshot wound to his head was found in a vacant lot on Holden Drive.

The victim still unidentified, and the murderer still on the loose.

NewsChannel 6 spoke with the person that found the dead body on April 9th.

Like the rest of the tenants on Holden Drive, he’s scared– not just to talk, but for his and his family’s lives– that’s why he wished to stay anonymous in this interview.

“We went over there, and we saw him. And he called the police. Yeah… that was crazy,” a neighbor said.

This neighbor was walking with a friend when they found a dead body just feet from their homes.

“I could have been going through there just going through the park, then “boom” they could have been doing it there in front of my house. Say they were shooting, just a degree could penetrate my house,” he added.

Chief Deputy, Patrick Clayton, said if the victim was from the area, someone would already have come forward to say a loved one is missing.

Richmond County Sheriffs need your help in identifying the victim.

“He also has some very distinctive tattoos, which we’ve already given to the media, but we are yet to identify him. Which more and more leads us to believe that it was during Masters week, I would definitely believe he’s probably from out of town,” Clayton said.

The neighbor admitted this homicide almost scared him out of his neighborhood. He said he understands why more people aren’t coming forward with information.

“Once they see other people do it, I think they’ll do it also. I think they’re scared just like me,” the neighbor said.

“The more engagement, the more they’re involved, it’s just going to make the community safer and safer. We have seen a reduction of crime in that area mainly because people have come forward,” Chief Clayton explained.

“You know, talking to you… that’s why I’m doing this. I feel like I can be the start of something. Like I can help… somehow, some way,” the neighbor concluded.

If you know any details about this investigation, you are urged to contact Richmond County Sheriff’s Office: (706) 821-1000.

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