Department of Energy talks importance, future of SRS

(Aiken, SC)

If you want to have a chance to get a piece of the federal pie when it comes to business opportunities, Aiken was the place to be Wednesday.  Key players from the Department of Energy were in town to give leaders a glimpse at how the contract process works.

But those contracts can only happen if SRS continues to thrive.

:58 Ralph Holland Acquisition and Project Management, DOE

“The future for the businesses in the area go along with the future of the site,” says Ralph Holland with the Department of Energy.  “I think there will continue to be many opportunities to support the department through prime and subcontract opportunities at Savannah River.”

Ralph Holland has been with the DOE for more than 2 decades.   When it comes to who gets to do business at SRS, he’s a good man to know.

“The Savannah River Site is essential to the mission of the Department of Energy. There are so many things that we relay on Savannah River for, the future looks very bright to me.”

While decisions regarding the future of the Savannah River Site rest with the Department of Energy, don’t forget about our lawmakers.  Georgia and South Carolina representatives play a key role in keeping SRS and its missions at the forefront.

Thomas Johnson of the DOE at SRS says, “We have regular discussions with the staffers as well as with the congressional delegation. We’ve enjoyed that throughout the years.  Even with the change in administration, we continue to work those relationships as best we can, providing them with the information so that we can get the kind of funding that we need from the site.”

So, as long as those relationships continue, and as long as SRS, the Energy Department, and the Trump administration work together, life should be good for one of this region’s largest employers. An employer that’s been such a force in this area for more than half  a century and counting.  And that would be welcome news for those who work at the Savannah River Site, and for those who depend on it to keep their businesses going strong.

“We have some unique facilties at the Site,” Johnson says. “Facilities that are only available there at Savannah River. As long as we can keep those facilities in operation and continue to work on priority missions for the site, I believe the site will be secure for the future.”

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