Will banning saggy pants be city policy?

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – It is one of the hottest debated issues in city government; whether or not the city should adopt an ordinance against saggy pants or enforce it as a dress code in city facilities like bus shelters. Either way it has the city debating whether they should go up or down.

There are things banned at the south Augusta bus terminal but saggy pants aren’t one of them.

That’s good for Zarquidious Mathis who was wearing his pants so low his underwear was showing. It was an accident he said.

“It’s not my fashion, sometimes I’ll be having my belt on and my pants will just come down normal, I don’t sag,” said Mathis.

But for some commissioners there’s too much sagging going on.

“It’s embarrassing it’s nasty it’s ugly it’s unsightly nobody wants to see that,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

But are commissioners ready to adopt new regulations to stop it, to have people pull up their pants or face a possible fine or be banned from a city facility.

“Some of these guys around town are a little overboard with their pants hanging down to their top of their  tennis shoes if that’s what we got to do we got to do it,” said Commissioner Grady Smith.

“I could support a dress code in city buildings but a policy like this to prevent something like this could open up more doors and cause us more trouble in the long run,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“We can’t go there we could put an ordinance or, let me say, regulate what people wear in our buildings but we can’t go there,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

But Zarquidious Mathis says he would not object if the commission did go there and enacted regulations against saggy pants.

“Yes sir I want to see it because they need to pass that law,” said Mathis.

“Even though you were showing your under garment you could be in violation.”

“Yes sir you are right about that, one mistake…learned my lesson,” said Mathis.

Augusta isn’t alone in wanting to combat saggy pants. Other government in Georgia have similar ordinances and at the next committee meeting city leaders will review those ordinances to see if they can be applied in Augusta.

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