Fourth annual “Earth Day Augusta”

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– The largest civic observance in the world took place right here in Augusta. Earth Day brought together the city, Augusta University and Phinizy Swamp.

From the first Earth Day celebration in 1970 until now, everyday people who care about the environment came together to find ways to protect our plant.

Earth Day Augusta brought hundreds together to celebrate, share ideas and raise awareness about a healthy environment.

Garrett Godsy told NewsChannel 6 he got involved to help protect Mother Earth.

“There’s so many things that people are cutting trees down for. It helps with shade, it’s going to help your power when you have them around your house. We’re really just trying to help make sure we have more trees around,” Godsy said.

Augusta University gave out tree seedlings for people to go home and plant.

“Since we’ve been doing this for four years now, we have people who have had them for four years, and they come back to tell us exactly how they’re doing. They come back specifically to us and get more trees,” Godsy told NewsChannel 6.

He said Augusta University is also promoting its recycling program. Items such as light bulbs, batteries and lead are all reused.

Bethany Marshall with Westabou, a non-profit art organization in downtown Augusta, is also promoting the importance of recycling.

“We decided to put our artistic side together and collect recycled bottles and painted them blue and green to represent the earth. Then we put them together to form a globe, and we’re letting people write messages to the earth, to the environment,” Marshall said.

She explained many artists use recycled material for art work.

“In our gallery right now, people are using unconventional materials, bubble wrap, newspaper, to make these fashion designs, so there’s so much you can do with recycled material with art, too,” Marshall said.

More than one billion people participate in Earth Day activities each year.

For more information about Earth Day Augusta, visit their website:

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