Aerial view of ongoing construction of Project Jackson

Photo courtesy of Aerial Photos Elite, LLC.

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WJBF) — We’re getting a better look at the scope of Project Jackson thanks to an aerial view of ongoing construction.

The aerial photo was sent to us by Aerial Photos Elite.

You can see the progress of the more than $200 million project.

Zooming in, you can even see the outline of the new baseball stadium for the Augusta GreenJackets.

Recently, there has been some concern about the hotel and the senior living center attached to the project because both groups don’t have financing plans completed yet.

However, this week, the mayor said not to worry.

“Obviously, there are concerns until people are checking into their rooms and balls are being thrown and homeruns are being hit and people are shopping the stores and eating in the restaurants, but throughout the course of the entire project, the city council has been very determined to make sure that we are very cautious, very careful and put in as many safeguards as we can, ” Mayor Lark Jones said.

The city is still hoping to have the ballpark ready by Spring 2018.

Photo courtesy of Aerial Photos Elite, LLC.

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