Bell Auditorium prepares for upgrades

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Sunday night l it was classic rock, Friday night it will be a country concert, if you are from our area you’ve likely been entertained at  the Bell Auditorium.

“A lot of people from James Brown on down,” said Mary Clarke.

“A lot of memories,”

“Lots or memories,” she said.

But before the nearly 80 year old Bell makes more memories, it’s in line for some upgrades.

“It’s only gone through one major renovation in the late 80’s so a lot of the equipment that are fans are seeing today is 30 plus years old,” said General Manager Chris Bird.

The Bell isn’t taking this sitting down so the plan is to toss out and replace about 13-hundred floor seats, there’s new carpeting for the main walkways.

New stage lighting, and new sound system for touring acts to hook into, that could help keep ticket prices down

“That’s 200 tickets you don’t have to sell to be in the same spot because you don’t have to rent sound and lights you don’t have to pay for all that labor to put it up and take it down you can pass that on to the customer in terms of a five or ten dollar per ticket savings, said Bird.

The makeover isn’t cheap it will run about $900 thousand dollars with sales tax money covering the cost, but it should make coming to the Bell better.

We want to make experience as good as possible and with that is the comfort of the seats and the sound quality,” said Bird.

“I would support that yeah,” said Clarke.

That’s a good investment?

“Very good investment,” she said

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