Golden Apple: Dianne Lawson

Golden Apple Winner Dianne Lawson

(Swainsboro, GA)

The school year may be winding down, but the students are staying hard at work in Dianne Lawson’s class at Swainsboro Primary School.

“Teaching the children about diagraph CK, about endings of words, and then letting them spell the words. They’re in kindergarten and they can already sound out words and spell them, as you can see,” Lawson says.

These bright young minds are growing everyday. What a difference from when they first walked into this room back in August.

“It’s just awesome how far they’ve come. They’ve come from not knowing letters, to spelling words and knowing something like diagraph CK and combination QU.  It’s just phenomenal.”

Mrs. Lawson has dedicated her life to teaching. She has impacted generations here.


“I have some of my first students’ children. It’s always rewarding. To see my children out working at places in town, and they remember me and come hug me and talk to me and tell me what’s going on with  their lives. It’s amazing.”

And she’s not just appreciated in her classroom. Her community recognizes Mrs. Lawson’s hard work.  The mayor, the superintendent, and other VIP’s made sure they were here for the Golden Apple presentation. A true testament to an awesome career.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that everybody in the community is behind me,” she says. “But that’s how we are in Swainsboro. We stand behind each other and pull each other up.”

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