Lt. Governor Casey Cagle visits Columbia County; lays out campaign plan after announcing run for Georgia Governor

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle has his sights set on a higher office.

The Republican announced Sunday he’s running for Governor.

He is touring the state to rally supporters.

Cagle made a stop in Columbia County, Tuesday morning where he visited with local law enforcement.

Each handshake with Columbia County deputies came with a promise and a pledge to support the men and women behind the badge.

“As we travel around the state, I see many of them that are under compensated and we will be steadfast in my commitment as Governor to ensure we have adequate pay that these individuals need going forward,” said Cagle.

Sheriff Clay Whittle says it was an honor for his deputies to receive such a warm welcome from Cagle.

“That’s normal for Casey Cagle. Cagle is known for supporting law enforcement. He’s certainly been a friend to the sheriffs of Georgia since he’s been Lt. Governor. I don’t expect that to change any time soon,” said Whittle.

Cagle then made his way to the Columbia County Hall of Justice, where he laid out his campaign for supporters.

Cagle promises to bring 500,000 new jobs to the state of Georgia in four years.

Some of those jobs are predicted to be local in the area’s booming cyber industry.

“We’re going to be very committed to partnering with, not only our research institution here, but also Ft. Gordon to ensure they have that quality work force,” said Cagle.

Education was also high on Cagle’s list. He plans to declare war on the high school drop out rates by offering classes in high school that can carry over to technical colleges.  It’s something already being implemented in Columbia County high schools.

“In their first two years of high school, they spend that time predominately on academic requirements. But it’s important that the next two are able to help them with what their desire, wishes and goals consist of,” said Cagle.

Following his education push- providing broadband to rural areas, something already implemented in Columbia County.

“We’ve got the 200 mile broadband throughout the county, connected to all the schools all the government facilities. We got a private sector to come in and provide it to homes, new neighborhoods,” said Chairman Ron Cross.

Two other republicans have announced their plans to run for Governor– current Secretary of State Brian Kemp and State Senator Hunter Hill.

Cagle has been Lieutenant Governor of Georgia since 2005.

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