JENNIE: Crowning Lupus raises awareness about the disease with annual walk

JENNIE Show Episode 36

TELEVISION PARK–  It’s Lupus Awareness Month and survivors of the disease put on their walking shoes to show that lupus doesn’t run them… they run lupus.

Jade Nealious was diagnosed with lupus as a teenager. She founded Crowning Lupus to raise awareness and to educate patients and families.

“We aim to help Lupus survivors and their families become adaptive to their given circumstances, while spreading seeds of energy, growth, and positivity throughout communities nationwide.”

The Crowning Lupus walk is coming up Saturday, May 20th at Odell Weeks Center in Aiken.

“We don’t have a L.F.A. chapter in South Carolina so it feels great and it’s really a blessing to bring it right here because we have so many survivors in the CSRA with this disease so why not bring it home right to them.”

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