Deputy recovering after being attacked by wild fox in Burke County

Burke County Sheriff's Office Logo
Burke County Sheriff's Office Logo

Burke County, Ga. (WJBF) — A Burke County deputy and a Burke County resident are recovering at the hospital tonight, after being attacked by a fox.

According to the Sheriff’s Office,  a person  working at the NextEra Energy building noticed the animal acting strangely.  When that employee stepped outside of the building, the fox approached and bit the employee on the leg.

Deputy Misty May was the first law enforcement on the scene and tried to subdue the wild animal with pepper spray.  The spray instead caused the fox to become agitated and at that time attacked Deputy May biting her twice on the leg.

Lt. Willie Burley and Deputy Gary Jenkins arrived on the scene and assisted in getting the fox away from Deputy May, and then using lethal force killed the animal.  The fox’s remains have been sent off for testing of rabies and Deputy May was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard tells NewsChannel 6, “Working in a rural county, you encounter all kinds of calls for assistance, including dangerous animals.  Sheriff Williams and I are glad Deputy May was not more seriously injured and we ask that everyone keep her in your thoughts and prayers”

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