Columbia County mother sounds off after vehicles continue to pass son’s school bus while stopped; school system taking action

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- A Columbia County mother is sounding off after capturing videos of vehicles blowing past her son’s school bus while it was stopped.

“In the blink of an eye, you could accidentally hurt someone and you can’t take that back,” said Mother Amy Hobbs.

It’s an ongoing issue for Hobbs and her son’s school bus driver.

Video she shared with us shows her son’s school bus approaching with its lights on.

Moments later a black truck zooms past the bus while it’s stopped.

School officials say the driver of the truck is breaking the law.

“I take video and they still keep going. They don’t even care if you’re recording them,” said Hobbs.

Columbia County School officials say they’ve seen an increase in the amount of cars that aren’t adhering to the flashing lights and stop sign.

“We recently have had so many issues because it’s what drivers call, ‘blowing through their stop sign.’ And the drivers do everything they can, they lay on the horn. They put their arm out so the student doesn’t go down the steps,” said Columbia County Schools Transportation Safety Supervisor Donna Hattaway.

When bus drivers are faced with other drivers blowing through their stop, they fill out a form to turn over to the sheriff’s office.

If a driver is caught, he or she can face a $300 fine.

“Sometimes we have had drivers go around the passenger door of the bus,” said Hattaway.

Now, the school system is taking it one step further.

Bus drivers are filling out surveys regarding drivers breaking the law and turning them over to the state.

They’re hoping to get stricter legislation when it comes to offenders.

In the meantime, parents like Hobbs are asking you to pay attention to your surroundings while you’re on the road.

“These kids are important to us. They’re safety should be top priority,” said Hobbs.

If you witness vehicles running through a stopped school bus or going around a school bus, you can call the Columbia County School Transportation Department at (706) 541-0651.

You’re asked to get as much information regarding the driver as possible, especially a license plate number.

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