Family Traditions at The Masters

Masters Tournament Family Traditions.
Masters Tournament Family Traditions. Each Year many families mark it on their calendars

Augusta, GA –

Many who grace this hallowed ground have a unique understanding of all this golf club represents.
Mr. McKutchins, ” the overall ambience is just super, it is just a gorgeous place.”
George McKutchins has been coming since 1960. by 1965 he was able to secure 4 tickets that he continues to use to this day, ” In 1965 you could send in a letter and they would send you an application and you could get four tickets, it wasn’t any problem. they didn’t stare selling out until ’66 and they closed the waiting list in ’78. then it went to a lottery a few years ago.”
Jerry Howington has made coming to the tournament a tradition he’s shares with his son and now his grandchildren, “I grew up here in augusta I’ve been here all my life, the only time i missed the masters was when I was in the military in thailand.”
The 2017 tournament is pretty much dedicated to the grandkids.
Howington, “he loves golf he’s learning to love golf. he’s got a twin brother and i’ll bring him tomorrow on the junior pass, that’s a wonderful program.”
The kids not only enjoy the hustle and bustle, they look for tips from their favorite golfers.
Locke, “it’s pretty cool to meet the players I saw some players on the tee, I saw Jason, Justin Rhodes. It was pretty cool to meet them and get some experience from professional golfers.”
The scoreboard is always a fan favorite and when it comes to eating – egg salad and ham and cheese are big sellers.
Whether you enjoy eating, walking, drinking or star gazing. This tournament draws you in and when you walk away – you’ll always have something to remember.

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