Marshal will patrol Bethlehem to keep it in compliance.

Volunteers spent their weekend making Augusta beautiful.

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Augusta officials say it’s clean and now they want to keep it that way in the Bethlehem area.

Two weeks ago, city crews and volunteers did an all-out cleanup in a section of Bethlehem off Wrightsboro Road.

This is an area the city has been targeting for months.

But now that the work is complete, the Marshal’s office says it will step up enforcement to stop illegal dumping and other code violations from returning.

“We’ve assigned  daily patrols down there so we’re looking for it every day we’re looking for violations everyday we’ve put the properties in the order they should be in there in compliance now we’re going to make sure we follow up with the owners of those properties that they stay in compliance,” says Chief Deputy Marshal Scott Peebles.

Another cleanup is planned for the Bethlehem area later this year.

The April 29th cleanup cost the city a little more than 25 thousand dollars.

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