South Augusta water main break has residents worried

AUGUSTA, G.A. (WJBF) – The water main break in South Augusta has residents in a frenzy.

The water main break happened on Rollingwood Drive and on Meadowbrook Drive Thursday just before 3 a.m.

Augusta Utilities was called a little after 5 a.m. that morning and have been working for hours in order to fix the broken water main.

Residents have been without water for a few hours, but according to the Augusta Utilities Public Education Specialist, the break will be fixed today.

Though the break was large and has affected many subdivisions and those along Bedford Drive it will be okay.

The Augusta Utilities Education Specialist says it happens all the time and usually when residents are asleep or at work, so not many are aware or worried.

Meadowbrook resident, Angela Burnett said “My water comes out of the faucet very, very slow with no pressure. Not enough water to shower.”  Burnett was able to brush her teeth but her neighbors were affected too.

According to the Augusta Utilities Education Specialist, the timing of the water break is what made residents frantic because it happened before residents were off to work and school.

Although the water is off now it is not harmful, residents will not need to boil water, and the water will be drinkable once turned back on.

When residents turn their faucets on they should see clear water, if not Augusta Utilities advise them to let their faucet run for about two minutes to get rid of any dirt that may appear, then the water should appear clear.

Augusta Utilities says that they cannot repair these things right way, but if it was harmful to the health of residents they would contact residents directly and use the reverse 911 system.


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