South Carolina Senate passes stricter penalties against violations in construction zones

COLUMBIA S.C. – On Thursday, the Senate passed a measure to stiffen penalties for endangerment of a highway workers and emergency personnel by a vehicle.

The bill, passed unanimously, improves highway safety of drivers and highway workers by added crack-down of speeding in work zones.

House Bill 4033 will be enrolled for ratification and head to the governor’s desk for a final signature to become law.

The bill is a culmination of four-year effort led by Senators Larry Grooms, Shane Massey, Tom Young and Paul Campbell following the death of a Department of Transportation highway worker in Williamsburg in 2012, and the death of two highway workers in Aiken County in 2016.

“Following the tragic loss of life to two of our state DOT workers in March, passage of this bill is extremely important to protecting our workers that we all see while traveling our highways.” Senator Tom Young said. “I am grateful to my Senate colleagues for moving so quickly on this life-saving measure in the final days of this year’s legislative session.”

“Highway work zones are dangerous places and our highway workers deserve protection from careless drivers. I never want to receive another call alerting to the death of a highway worker,” Senator Larry Grooms said. “Our workers deserve better and so do their families. I have fought hard for the passage of this bill because it will save lives.”

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