Demolition program fight leaves “debris” for commissioners

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) The plan to create an Augusta inmate demolition program has failed but it’s left behind some “debris” on the commission.

As we reported Monday Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle was critical of how the plan was brought forward, saying commissioner Sammie Sias worked with the Administrator and did not inform other commissioners.

Monday Sias  strongly denied that charge.

“It came out on the agenda for all commissioners to see on the 21st of April I didn’t get one call except from Commissioner Hasan about this agenda items it didn’t catch anyone by surprise to say that it totally disingenuous and dishonest,” said Commissioner Sias.

“Concern was not being disingenuous and dishonest?”
“No my whole point was to work as a team lets put everything out on the table so we can get subjective information from each of our colleagues  that’s the only way this is not different from being a chairman of a company your going to destroy your company when you have people working on the sidelines to undermine the others,” said Commissioner Guillfoyle.

The vote to approve the in house demo program failed on a four to four vote with two commissioners abstaining.

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