Drag strip talk creating excitement and concern

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) For many the talk of a drag strip is a blast from the past.

“There’s a lot of things the city wants to do but the city doesn’t have the money so I believe a drag strip the funds that it will bring to the community will definitely be a plus,” said Reverend Melvin Ivey of the Richmond County Neighborhood Association.

The idea is revving   up with Commissioner Ben Hasan saying outside investors are expressing interest.

“A person this morning I talked to that knows several persons who he represents that has several tracks already there’s a great interest in Augusta,” said Commissioner Hasan.

This has commissioners agreeing to dust off the 2006 drag strip feasibility study to review it.

Though activist Woody Merry says city leaders will be wasting their time, he was highly critical of the study 11years ago.

“This study was not worth the paper it was written on there are skewed results they lied about certain things that would happen due to a drag strip,” said Merry.

The study looked at one site for the strip, the Augusta Corporate Park on Highway 56 Starbucks has a plant there now, so the site has changed, but a lot of neighbor’s attitudes about a drag strip there haven’t changed.

“No ever since they put in the coffee plant when they blow it down and stuff it makes so dad-gum much noise it will wake you up at three o’clock in the morning, I certainly don’t need a drag strip at two o’clock in the morning,” said nearby resident Reuben Zimmerman.

“Just the noise they already call 56 the death highway we don’t need no more traffic,” said nearby resident Mike Wiley.

Commissioner Hasan says the investors he’s speaking with  are talking about paying to build the track but says he hasn’t discussed anything on what the city would be asked to contribute,he says that type of negotiation would be with the Administrators office or the commission as whole,

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