Pam Tucker releases statement on Columbia County internal investigation

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Former Columbia County EMA Director Pam Tucker has released a statement regarding today’s investigation results regarding Columbia County’s work environments.

After viewing a portion of the press conference and several updates, I could not be prouder of the decision that I’ve made to run for Commission Chair. Today’s display is a perfect example of why I decided to do what I have done. I feel like the only reason these folks made disparaging comments about me personally – as well as my work ethic, my leadership abilities, and my dedication is for one simple reason – because I have decided to run for Commission Chair. The most comforting thing about the report is that the Board of Commissioners and the Investigators acknowledge that I have done nothing wrong. I’ve been a dedicated public servant my entire adult life and I look forward to moving on with my campaign and putting an end to this situation. I truly look forward to fostering a team of adult leadership on the Board of Commissioners when you – the people of Columbia County – elect our #TeamTucker to the Commission Chair.

  • Pam Tucker


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