TV NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Columbia County Administrator Scott Johnson discusses internal investigation

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- Columbia County Administrator Scott Johnson is addressing the results of an internal investigation.

He sat down exclusively with NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Campbell for his first television interview.

Former Emergency Management Director Pam Tucker claims she resigned because of a hostile work environment under Johnson.

The investigation may be over, but Johnson says the wounds from this ordeal are still fresh.

“I had to sit back and get attacked by thousands of people that only had one side of the story and now we find out that the one side of the story was actually false,” said Johnson.

Johnson says it went even further with death threats.

Johnson admits Tucker is popular and was an excellent EMA director.

So, how did it get to this?

“You have a manager in me that’s very analytical and very to the point and you have a manager in her that, while she was a good manager, she was very emotional,” said Tucker.

In the investigation, employees admit they had to walk on eggshells around Tucker.

They also say she was micro-managing, hard to work with and had to have control.

Despite that, many said they never saw an interaction between Johnson and Tucker that was unprofessional.

“I all but begged her to stay. I repeatedly asked her to stay, even to the point where I was willing to work with her on issues she had with my management style,” said Johnson.

Amid talks of resignation came audio recordings from Johnson.

There were two to be exact between he and Tucker and between Johnson, Cross and Tucker.

“And I’m glad I did, because had I not recorded those things, there would still be people who believe that I treated her the way that she said that I treated her when the truth is it did not happen,” said Johnson.

Now, Johnson says it’s time to look forward.

“Should Pam win the county commission seat, I will do my best to try and work with her. She has stated that her first order of business is to fire me,” said Johnson.

Through all the,”He said, she said…” Johnson says he’s learned a little about himself.

“It’s been very humbling. When you have these false allegations against you and so many people coming out against you, it will really take you down a notch,” said Johnson.

Johnson also said he’s learned that he has to be more sensitive to other employee’s feelings in the future.

To read the full internal investigation report CLICK HERE.

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