GDOT responds quickly to motorcyclist plea to fix I-20 “death trap”

Motorcyclist encounters dangerous concrete problem on I-20 and works to save his life and others.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A motorcycle driver considers himself lucky to be alive after a frightful encounter with busted up pavement on I-20, near the state line. Beau Griffin opened up to NewsChannel 6 about his life threatening experience and he made steps to make sure others remain safe.

“That’s the worst fear I’ve ever had on two wheels at any given time,” he recalled.

Griffin spent the past week reflecting on a frightful motorcycle ride from North Augusta to his Columbia County home Wednesday night around 10 o’clock.

“Just cruising the speed limit enjoying the great evening. I come across the canal bridge. I hit this bad spot on the Interstate as the pictures have shown and it literally almost took the handlebars out of my hand,” he said of the impact.

Griffin took photos of the concrete problem he encountered. The more than 30 year bike rider didn’t panic when it happened and told me that’s why he’s alive today.

He said, “So far I’ve found no damage to the motorcycle. I came through it unscathed.”

Even though Griffin was not happy about his near death experience, he stopped to think and then calmly took action.

“it literally took me three minutes to Google the local GDOT office,” Griffin said after he let cooler heads prevail.

And within a day or so GDOT paved the problem.

GDOT responds to Griffins report of concrete problems on I-20 near the Georgia Welcome Center.


This week, crews are performing a full-scale fix.

Kyle Collins, GDOT District Communications Specialist, told me what happened.

“It was just a spall issue that had creeped into one and it caused two or three to actually crack up.”

Collins said he welcomes the public’s input when it comes to helping to save lives, whether it be through email, call or contacting through social media.

“We work for the public so we want to hear from them because we can’t be everywhere at all times and have eyes on all the roads.”

And those eyes on the road just might save your life on a motorcycle.

“We as riders need eyes all over our heads to see everything,” Griffin said. “Peripheral vision is key. Don’t show off. Don’t showboat. Don’t be crazy.”

Griffin added two friends heading to Myrtle Beach on a motorcycle last week hit uneven pavement too on I-20, near Columbia.  He said they were thrown several feet from that motorcycle and are hurt pretty badly.

Griffin also started a Facebook group called Road Hazards For Motorcycle Riders.

I-20 work near the Georgia Welcome Center will continue through Thursday with lane restrictions and slowed traffic.  Work will be complete before Memorial Day traffic starts.


Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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