Termination letter outlines reasons for EEO Officer firing

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Some Augusta commissioners say Compliance Director Kellie Irving did her job firing her EEO officer J.G. Long.

“We have to support our department heads she feels she had justification to do what she did,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Before being fired, Long sent a letter to commissioners requesting a meeting, detailing a half dozen problems in the Compliance Department,

But in Long’s termination letter Irving writes he was the problem saying he was fired for Inability to perform up to accepted work standards

“And misconduct which undermines supervisory authority.”

The reasons for firing our shallow if there was a problem it should have been address to the commission since that department works directly to the commission,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

But the termination letter indicates Long was a problem from when he started in January campaigning for more staff even after being told no.

And his reports were filled with grammar errors and not actuate.

“There was some knowledge of some of his issues prior to that,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But Long also made commissioners aware of some issues in the compliance department issues some still want to get to the bottom of.

“I’m concerned about the letter sent to see if we’re going to have a discussion about the letter,” said Commissioner Frantom.

“He reached out to the commission on Monday and on Tuesday he was terminated,” said Commissioner Guilfoyle.

“Do we know why those two things are connected?”

“We don’t know why,” said Guilfoyle.

Even though he’s been fired some Commissioners expect to hear from Long at their meeting next week to discuss he concerns with the Compliance department however that could be complicate because commissioners are saying he’s has an attorney meaning so they could be facing legal issues.


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