How to remain safe in traffic during severe weather

Severe Weather Alert graphic
Severe Weather Alert graphic

CSRA (WJBF) – With severe weather on the way heavy rain, damaging winds and flooding will likely be an issue.

With large perceptible water levels and torrential rain, you can expect a downpour to occur in the CSRA.

The CSRA could receive between two to four inches of rain between today and Thursday and this could cause heavy traffic and traffic dangers.

To prevent your car from hydroplaning you will first need to be sure that your tires are properly inflated, and then make sure they are rotated and replaced if necessary.

If you are driving in the rain, be sure to slow down and pump your breaks on the wet roads.

Remember, the slower you drive, the harder it will be for your tires to spray water.

Avoid puddles, turn on your headlights and leave room between you and the cars ahead of you.

How to drive in heavy winds:  

When it’s raining and the winds are heavy, anticipate on the heavy winds being a distraction due to flying tree limbs and large debris.

Always take notice of large vehicles such as tractor trailers because they are more susceptible to high winds which makes it difficult for the driver to stay in lanes.

Always remember to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel when driving in high winds to prevent your vehicle from being moved.

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