No injuries reported to EMA after Saluda County storm, EMA director says

No injuries reported to EMA after Saluda County storm
No injuries reported to EMA after Saluda County storm

SALUDA, S.C. (WJBF)- Wind and rain pummeled Saluda County late Wednesday afternoon. Now, downed trees and branches litter the ground in parts of the rural area.

“This one got pretty bad here when it come through,” said resident Daniel Sweat.

The stretch of Fruit Hill Road where farmer Sweat lives may have been hit by a tornado.

“The National Service will be out tomorrow to do the actual confirmation, but from the radars, what they’re telling us is that it does look like a tornado,” said Saluda County EMA director Josh Morton.

Sweat says the weather inflicted some minor damage on his property.

“There’s more or less damage to my well pump,” Sweat said. “Got some tin [blown] off my barns.”

Saluda County EMA Director Josh Morton says most of the damage he’s seen has been minor with one exception

“We did have one home that had a tree fall on it that they’re saying was probably straight line winds,” Morton said.

But on the brightside, he says no one has reported any injuries to EMA, he said.

“We were very, very fortunate in that most of what happened seems to have missed homes and seems to have come through and hit areas and taken out mostly trees,” Morton said.

He says they were bracing for the worst.

“What we were seeing on our radar, we actually expected it to be a lot worse than it was,” he said.

And even though the violent storm spared people and most homes, it’s leaving behind a mess.

“It’s going to take some time,” Sweat said. “Mainly just clean up.”

The EMA director says if a tornado did in fact touch down today, it will be the second tornado they’ve seen in the past six weeks. He emphasized the importance of having a functioning weather radio, which will alert you about potentially deadly weather events, like tornadoes.

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