Aiken County Paramedics and EMT’s revive pregnant woman, save unborn baby’s life

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – The lifesaving work of 4 local First Responders is the reason an Aiken County woman and her unborn baby are still breathing.

Mandy Poole tracked down the heroes who revived her and gave her future son a chance at life.

“My family will forever be grateful, forever.” Poole said.

8 weeks into her pregnancy, Poole went into Cardiac Arrest.

Her heart stopped beating and her life rested in the hands of 4 Paramedics and Emergency Management Technicians.

“That was one thing that was going through my head, when we were going for two lives instead of one,” Advance Crew Chief Mark McCartha told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

One shock after another the First Responders worked to revive her.

“On those kinds of scenes you just forget everything. You just know what you have to do, you just focus on doing that,” said Josh Leonard, an E.M.T.

“That night they not only saved one life, they saved two,” said Poole.

That night they changed Poole’s life forever.

“As providers I think we forget what we do,” Angel Jones, an E.M.T., told WJBF NewsChannel 6. “I think we forget that people allow us into their lives into their homes, when they don’t want anybody else there.”

Even as these First Responders received hugs and awards from a once-stranger, who they just happen to be called to care for that night, they say there’s another hero among them.

Stephen Poole called 911 and immediately started performing C.P.R. on his wife.

Which the humble heroes say is the real reason they are standing here today.

“It was really a team effort,” Stephen Poole told WJBF NewsChannel 6. “I understand what I did probably helped saved her life.”

“We get on scene, he’s doing C.P.R. He had already started the lifesaving process for us,” said Greg Jones, a Paramedic. “We just continued what he started.”

34 weeks into her pregnancy, Poole is happy to share with her heroes that she’s named her son Owen, which means young warrior.

A very fitting name for this baby.

“I think he deserves, at some point, to meet them because they saved his mom’s life and his life at the same time.” Stephen Poole said.

The American Heart Association presented each Paramedic and E.M.T. with a “Life’s Why” award.

Poole is due to deliver her healthy baby boy in July.

On Thursday, a proclamation was passed declaring May 21st to May 27th Aiken County Emergency Medical Services week.

It’s a chance to recognize Paramedics, E.M.T.’s and First Responders for their countless hours of specialized training that saves lives.

County leaders hope it also educates the community about injury prevention and how to respond to medical emergencies.

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