Sink hole swallows garbage truck

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) A trash truck trapped in a sink hole, it’s what greeted Jim Baucom as he started his morning on his front porch.

‘The truck had just crashed down into the sink hole lucky no one was hurt the driver was really friendly he said he though a plane had hit his truck,” said Baucom, who lives a few doors down.

The problem wasn’t from the sky but from the ground, a sink hole swallowing the back half of the trash truck,


“We heard a noise and I saw it on Facebook that there was a garbage truck just sitting in a hole its wild,” said Chris Blanco who also lives nearby.

Emergency crews responded and quickly realized this was not going to be an easy to get the truck out of the hole and back on the road.


“The crane can’t get close enough right now to pull it out they’re trying to measure and figure out if they create a larger hole to get it out to get close enough to get it out,” said Fire Department PIO Dee Griffin.


Its size the weight the area surrounding the truck we don’t know if there are voids out there if it’s stable you also have the overhead power lines the truck is under,” said Engineering Department Director Abie Ladson.



Officials had to determine not only how to get the truck out but why did the ground open up beneath it in the first place, in the past in Augusta failing storm sewer lines have led to sink holes and storm water sewer line was near  the sink hole.


“It could be a storm water issues but like I said we’re actually going to have to get the truck removed and so some further investigation then we can actually see what caused the sink hole over here said Ladson.


“Judging by this we clearly need to so some work updating our systems,” said Blanco.


A giant crane 300 ton crane  was brought in from Columbia to lift the truck out of the hole, that did the trick and it was finally free about 8 hours after first falling in.

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