Central Avenue sink hole has Business worried about disruption

Augusta Georgia Seal
Augusta Georgia Seal

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Traffic is still being re-routed on Central avenue as the investigation continues into why a sink hole  swallowed a garbage truck

Crews worked on the cave-in today cleaning out the debris looking for clues.
That section of Central Avenue remains blocked, making it difficult for businesses like Unique Antiques.

The store is STILL open and having an estate-sale Saturday.

” Hoping you know we can bring in business of course nobody can get up and down our street and nobody can come in the back way because they don’t really know if I put out a sign I’ll probably  get in trouble with the city for that so I’m trying to make it as a business owner here,” said Business Owner Stephanie Lovell.

A storm water pipe and and a sanitary sewer line were both damaged in the cave-in and officials are looking to try and figure out which line caused the sink hole.
Officials are hoping the pipes and the road can be repaired in the next two weeks.

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