Family at Lake Thurmond shares why Memorial Day is special

Appling, GA (WJBF) – They say this day is special; not so much for celebrating service, but for remembering those that didn’t come home.

“Personally it’s a day of remembrance, memorial day is a day to remember the fallen,” said Rob Husted,Military Veteran.

“My husband was in the military, my grandfather was in the military, actually both my grandfathers were in the military so this day isn’t just a day to cook out, it’s a day to remember what they’ve done for us,” said Kellie Husted,Wife of Military Veteran.

Members of the Husted family say they don’t take this day lightly and that time wasn’t promised to them when Rob was in the military.

“It’s forgotten have much is sacrificed even today. I have a lot of friends who you know have fallen in combat so it’s just a day to remember the sacrifice that they’ve made for all of us” said Rob Husted, Military Veteran.

He’s been out of the military for eight years, and says he wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else but with his wife and children.

“And of course with him being military home, he gets these days off. So for us to be able to spend time together and make these memories with both of us and the kids and all of us here its just amazing,” said Kellie Husted, Wife of Military Veteran.

“Something that families need to make sure they enjoy as a family, because you don’t know if the next one you’re gonna be a family, you know if you’ve got loved one that are in the military. You know the father, brother, son, sister, mother, whoever may not be home next time,” said Rob Husted, Military Veteran.

They say to have days like this to rest and not have a care in the world, means everything.

“We appreciate everything that they’ve done, it’s pretty amazing you know what people do for us so. Everybody puts their life on the line for people they don’t know and that’s a world that we need to live in,”  said Kellie Husted, Wife of Military Veteran.

The family also told me that instead of telling soldiers “thank you for your service” they say “thank you for your sacrifice” simply because everyday isn’t promised to them.

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