Committee votes not to hear from fired EEO officer

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) J.G. Long says when he was on the job as EE0 officer he faced outside pressures when trying to investigate of complaints of job discrimination in Augusta.

“Individuals within the government tried to impact or influence investigations that I was working on,” said Long.

Two weeks ago Long sent Commissioners an E-mail requesting a meeting to talk about the problems in the Compliance Office including outside influences and oversight.

He was fired the next day.

“Within 24 hours of the commissioners response I was terminated I don’t know how else to look at it,

“You were a whistle blower who got fired?”

“I will leave that to the public to decide, said Long.

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle, felt city leaders needed to hear from Long  outlining the problems he saw in the Compliance Department.

“When somebody is willing to say hey these are the issues within the department wouldn’t you think it would be common courtesy to listen to him,” said Guilfoyle.

Long has hired an attorney, and after hearing from the city lawyers  the Administrative Services  committee voted to table to the issue sending Long away from the podium without telling his story.

“Anything we say in there is recorded anything we say in there could be used in a court of law we had to be careful about what we are saying there too,” said Commissioner Marion Williams who Chairs the committee.

“I’m just sort of stunned that this is the way we do business,” said Long.

Long’s employment file released to the media last week lists several instances where Long was abuse and interrogative  to fellow employees including two department directors and Long was e-mailing his boss regularly asking for more staff

But Long wants back on the job saying he’s submitted his letter of reinstatement to the government.

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