Dashcam video released from Tiger Woods arrest

Dash cam video image of Tiger Woods' arrest on suspicion of DUI - May 29, 2017

JUPITER, Fla. (ABC) – Police in Florida released dash cam video Wednesday night of the traffic stop early Monday morning that resulted in Tiger Woods’ arrest on DUI charges.

He can be seen struggling to keep his balance and appears disoriented.

His arrest happened shortly after 2am on Memorial Day when a patrol officer spotted Woods’ black Mercedes stopped in the road, engines running and both front tires flat.

Police say Woods was “asleep at the wheel” and that he “had to be woken up.” The responding officer reported that Woods’ speech was “slow and slurred” and that he “did not know where he was”.

In the video the officer can be heard asking Woods, “you know where you are going?”, to which Woods replied, “No.”

The video also shows the field sobriety test which shows Woods wobbling and stumbling.

The officer then asks Woods: “Have you had anything to drink tonight?”

Woods replied: “I am not.”

The officer then asked Woods if he was sure, to which Woods replied, “Yes.”

The breathalyzer test supported that claim. Police say Woods blew .000 meaning there was no alcohol in his system.

Woods told officers he takes several prescriptions including vicodin. In a statement, Woods apologized and said he blamed “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications”.

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