Commissioner says not enough James Brown in master-plans

Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic
Augusta, Georgia Seal graphic

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Carolyn Brown visiting from Florida struck a pose   as he friend took her picture at the James Brown statue.

“I asked my best friend to take me down here and she said of course so I got ready to go,” said Brown.

“So you wanted to see the James Brown Statue,”

“Yes I did,” she said.

“Promote the God Father absolutely and I think and I think it would draw more attracts    and more people to Augusta,” said Lynn Cobb, who lives in Augusta.

Public art and getting more people to Augusta are the ideas two master plans, one from the Arts Council that envisions big works of public art and sculpture trails   and the CVB with   plans to expand the Augusta Common and create a riverfront Cafe.

But some believe you want visitors those plans should put the focus on James Brown.

“All of this we are talking about in getting people here to participate in the cafes and other things you have to attract people your city and James Brown is the obvious thing we ought to be using,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

But James Brown is covered say those behind the master-plans.

“Increase exposure for James Brown work on the James Brown statue area monumental sculpture in addition to that sculptures reflective of the James Brown legacy,” said Brenda Durant Executive Director of the Greater Augusta Arts Council.

“Some type of respectful salute to his legacy that’s what we want to do,” said Barry White of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“And how are we going to do it?

“We’re going to figure it out it’s in the plan details will be forthcoming,” said White.

“I’m not going to support somebody telling me they’re going to do that I want to see something,” said Commissioner Williams.

The Full commission is scheduled to adopt the two master plans at its meeting next week at that same meeting Commissioner Williams’s wants an update on the progress of the planned enhancements at the James Brown statue.

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