More video released from Tiger Woods arrest

Video released by police in Florida shows Tiger Woods after being arrested for DUI - May 29, 2017

JUPITER, Fla. (ABC) – More video was released Thursday night of the road-side arrest of Tiger Woods on Memorial Day, including crucial breathalyzer tests and results.

The video shows Woods inside the detention center shortly after his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

An officer can be heard asking Woods, “Sir, will you please state your full name”, to which Woods replied, “Eldrick Tiger Woods”.

Police spotted Woods asleep at the wheel Memorial Day morning. His Mercedes was stopped in the road with the engine running and both front tires flat.

Dash cam video of the arrest shows an officer asking Woods if he was headed to Orange County and if he knew where he was right now to which Woods replied, “I do not know”.

Woods is then asked twice if he’d been drinking. Both times he answered no. He passed two breathalyzer tests for alcohol once he arrived at the detention center.

Woods told police he takes several prescriptions, including vicodin. In a statement, Woods blamed “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.”

He had back surgery in April.

Woods is due in court next month and could face jail time if convicted.

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