Donate your formals to WLJ Angel Gowns in memory of Baby Wyatt

Find out how you can donate your formals to WLJ Angel Gowns in memory of Baby Wyatt in this segment of The Dish.

More about WLJ Angel Gowns:
PO Box 211
Gracewood, Ga 30812

Baby Wyatt was born on June 2, 2016 and passed after 2hours and 10mins. His parents never got to see his eyes open and he didn’t have the strength to move, but when they took him from his mom and laid him on the warming bed to clean him up, he let out a super small, really quick cry. It was shorter than a second but she heard it and it still means the world to her.

When Kayla, Baby Wyatt’s mom, was 20weeks pregnant, she was sent to a specialist because her lab work came back abnormal. She was told on the phone there was a chance her baby had down syndrome but more than likely the blood work wasn’t accurate. She was told not to freak out because false results happen all the time. Well, both Kayla and her husband, Eric, agreed that no matter what they were going to keep and care for their son the best way we could. When she went to the Dr and had an ultrasound done, she felt completely confident everything was fine. The Dr walked in and after a few minutes looked at her and said “I’m sorry your baby is sick and isn’t going to survive.” He was diagnosed with bilateral MCDK (multicystic dysplastic kidneys) and Kayla’s amniotic fluid was almost unmeasurable. His diagnosis was 100% fatal. His kidneys were covered in cyst which made it impossible for them to function. Kidneys play a major role in the way the baby for ms. Babies keep the amniotic fluid level up. They drink the fluid and it goes through their body through the digestive system and then they pee it out and the process continues throughout the pregnancy. All the organs are formed properly through this process. But in Baby Wyatts case, the process couldn’t be done because his kidneys didn’t function, he took in all the fluid but it never made it through the kidneys.
When Kayla was 30 weeks, she went into labor on her own. By the time she made it to the hospital ,she was 8cm dialated. Because she didn’t have any amniotic fluid the pain was a lot different and she didn’t think it was true labor pain. After about 5 hours, Kayla delivered her son. He was breech but she was able to deliver him with no complications. He came out weighing 3lbs 9oz and 15in long.

We had nothing for him to wear when he was born. Kayla spent over 12 hours the following day trying to find something to put him in. She went to so many baby stores but no one had anything that would fit him. She ended up buying an American girl doll gown and adding blue to it for him.

In memory of Baby Wyatt, Kayla and her mom, Bella, started WLJ Angel Gowns. WLJ Angel Gowns is a non-profit organization that makes angel gowns and angel wraps from donated wedding gowns and formal dresses. They are then donated to families who find themselves in the position we were in. We are able to provide angel gowns and angel wraps for any gestation of a pregnancy. If you or someone you know is in need of an angel gown or angel wrap, please contact us.

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