Musical guest Chris Hardy joins us on set for a performance

Musical guest Chris Hardy joins us on set for a performance in this segment of The Dish.

More about Chris Hardy:

Chris Hardy is not your typical singer/songwriter. For starters, his instrument of choice is the rarely-seen “acoustic piccolo bass guitar”, which he refers to as his “4-stringed little friend”. And the subject matter of his songs these days is more about happiness and seeing the bright side of things because, as Chris puts it, “there are already enough miserable songs out there.”

A member of the Augusta, Georgia music scene since he left the 434th Army Band at Fort Gordon in the 80s, Chris has achieved a few interesting things. Some noteworthy accomplishments are: His duo “3 feet up” with his wife & drummer Victoria, was featured on the CBS Early Show in 2006. And in 2014 as well as 2015, Chris was voted “Best Of Augusta” by the readers of Augusta Magazine in the “Best Male Vocalist” category. Local music magazine/blog “Lokal Loudness” named an award after him because he won it so many times in a row (with his band “Nervous Boy”) in the 90s. Then after moving back to Augusta, he won the award for favorite solo artist in 2014 and a year later, he won his own award (the “Chris Hardy Award for favorite lokal bassist”), also winning the award for 2015 best local song (Space Cats) as well.

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